Product Info

What is it?

The SousaGuard is new product that protects the bottom bow of a sousaphone better than anything else on the market. It is made of durable, lightweight ABS plastic and was engineered to fit most modern models. These guards can last years and be easily removed for use on multiple horns.

Why is it Better?

Other products are made from heavy material (as if the horn isn’t enough already!), are not easily adaptable to a wide range of horns, and are typically made of lightweight cloth. These do nothing to protect against dents and do little for scratches.

The Sousa Guard was engineered to be lightweight, more durable, and offer more protection. Additionally, it’s designed to have a clean and attractive appearance. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! 

Price for individual Sousa Guards: $129 + tax and shipping

For bulk Sousa Guard pricing: Contact Us


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